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Submit a Record


Just four pieces of information are needed for a species record to be

added to our database and made scientifically valid. 

WHAT you saw:        Species name (Common or scientific/Latin name).

WHEN you saw it:     Date, month and year ideally.

WHERE you saw it:   A grid reference ideally at six figure+ resolution. 


WHO you are:           Your name or the name of your recording group.                                                

   Submit your records to KMBRC through any of the following methods:

  • Downloading one of our Recording Forms today, filling out by hand and returning to us. Printed forms are also available at the Record Centre.

  • Downloading, populating and emailing across our Excel Spreadsheet (this is the quickest way for us to import and start using your records).

  • Using iRecord on your phone or tablet to submit records to an online data portal. We periodically download this data and following verification, enter this onto our database.

Our policies on data collection, collation and dissemination are accessible via the buttons below. These include information as to how we hold and use the data that is submitted to us, how we handle personal data in order to comply fully current data protection legislation (including the updated GDPR regulations) and how we treat data that the owner has asked us to keep confidential. 

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