Submitting Biological Records to KMBRC

In order for us to be able to add any species record to our main database we need to have four vital pieces of information in order to make that record scientifically valid. Those four things are as follows:

What you saw -         This is the name of the species seen, either common name or Latin name is absolutely                                                                 fine.

When you saw it -     Ideally the date, month and year but if you aren't sure we can use records with only                                                                   the month and year or even just the year of sighting alone.

Where you saw it -   Ideally a grid reference at six figure resolution or better but don't worry if you aren't sure                                                         how to find one as we can do this for you if you can give us a street name and place or a                                                             post code.  

Who you are -           We need to have either your name or the name of the recording group so that we can                                                                 record trace the original source of the information we hold for validation purposes                                                                     should there ever be a query about any record. 

There are several ways in which you can send us your records. We have recording forms that can can be downloaded from this page for you to print out and fill in by hand or an Excel spreadsheet template can also be downloaded via the relevant button below. This spreadsheet is already in a format that enables us to import your records straight into our main database and is currently the quickest way for us to get the data into our system here. In the near future we will be setting up an iRecord survey which will enable those of you who prefer to use an online submission format to send us records via a data portal which we will then access and download periodically for entry into our database.* 

  • If you enjoy visiting lots of different places to see and record wildlife then our multi-site recording form will work best for you.

  • If you like to record the wildife you see visiting your garden, allotment, or any other specific location then our single site recording form will do the trick! 

  •  If you would prefer to use your computer to record your wildlife observations then this spreadsheet includes headings for you and also helps us here at KMBRC to add your records to our database as quickly as possible because we can import them straight into our system in this format. 

  • Our policies on data collection, collation and dissemination are accessible via the buttons on the right hand side of the screen. These include information as to how we hold and use the data that is submitted to us, how we handle personal data in order to comply fully current data protection legislation (including the updated GDPR regulations) and how we treat data that the owner has asked us to keep confidential. 

Data Sharing and Access Policy
Data Validation and Verification

*Please note that whilst our recording forms do ask for an address so that we can keep a record of who has submitted information to us we do not store that information in our database. Occasionally a recording specialist may ask for further information on a specific record for validation and verification purposes but under those circumstances we will contact you first to ask for your permission for the specialist to contact you. We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office under the Data Protection Act and will never pass on any address, email or telephone numbers to any third party without your prior express consent.