Summer 2018 KMBRC Young Ambassador. 

For Summer 2018 we are undertaking a new venture and are very pleased to welcome Amelia into the KMBRC offices! Amelia is very keen on promoting the importance of looking after Kent's wildlife and is going to be helping us develop our resources for children and young people to encourage you have a go at recording the wildlife that you might see in your back garden or local park. Maybe you might even want to form a club with your friends or classmates to have a go at creating a nature garden in your school? There are lots of thing that you can do to help to encourage wildlife into gardens, parks and other open spaces and over the summer Amelia is going to be creating some really fun resources that you can print off to record the wildlife you have seen around you along with some quick project ideas that you can do at home or at school to encourage them in. Amelia is going to introduce herself to you now.....


"My name is Amelia Beney and I have always had a passion for nature and wildlife, I am particularly interested in Lizards, Newts and other Amphibians.  However I am still very interested in all other creatures. I enjoy photographing wildlife and studying the structure of cells underneath microscopes. I think it is important that young people get involved with learning about wildlife, for example; knowing where to find wildlife and telling the difference between species.  I find learning about wildlife fascinating and I find it fun to try and spot wildlife and identify what species creatures are. I think it is important for children to have an understanding of wildlife and enjoy looking out for creatures." 

I have just uploaded a new blog post about The Harlequin Ladybird with information about the spread of Harlequin Ladybirds throughout the UK from our earliest record from 2002 until now.