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Your observations of any wild fauna and/or flora in Kent (England) may have some value, maybe not for you today but for the future or other people - you never know! It can be as 'common' as a House Sparrow (Passer domesticus) or something more 'unusual' such as a Bee Orchid (Ophrys apifera). For an insight of the kind of records we received from the members of the public, check out our Record of the month page. We are very grateful to hear about all your sightings.

If you need help identifying a species, please refer to the help with ID page.

If you only have one or two records of interest you would like to submit, then please use the online form below. However, if you would like to send us multiple records, or start recording on a regular basis from either a particular place, or just from whenever you are out and about then please click here to download an Excel spreadsheet template. If you prefer to do your recording on paper, a variety of recording forms can be downloaded from here which you can then print out and post back to us. There are even fun forms for your kids to fill out!

Where species are difficult to identify, or you are a beginner in a specific taxon group, we may need verification of the identification from an expert. This is why we ask you for contact details.


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