Kent and Medway Biological Records Centre

Grid References

1. Introduction

As with identification, it is important to find accurate

grid references

for where you have observed species.

It can cause problems if you record a species with an innacurate grid reference - for instance you may get newts swimming in the channel!

This help guide is designed to explain how to use grid references from the basics upwards. Please get in touch with us if you'd like further help.

Whilst recording, there are many different ways of describing the location of a species. You can provide a description of the place (e.g.

by the Leeds Castle junction of the A20

), a name of the area (e.g.

Oare Marshes Kent Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve

), a postcode (a grid reference can be obtained from the internet using a postcode, for example on the Multimap website), or a National Grid Reference (see section 2 below).